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Why do you need this TESOL Certificate?
Many countries like China are now beginning to crack down on the qualifications of English teachers both in country and online.  Due to this many companies are now requiring a TESOL or TEFL certification to begin employment.  Companies that don't yet require a TESOL or TEFL certificate will likely be heading that direction soon.  They will often offer a higher base pay rate to teachers with a certificate.
There is currently NO central accreditation body for the TESOL certificate.  You can easily spend thousands of dollars and months of your time on a TESOL course from well-known universities or organizations.  If you are planning on actually going overseas to teach English that may make sense, however each individual school will decide which certificates they will accept.  You could be out time and money and still not have your certificate accepted.  If you plan on teaching online ESL classes, a simple certificate from anywhere is usually accepted.  
The 120 hour TESOL certificate linked above has been accepted by every online ESL company in China I have encountered.  The course covers the same foundational principles of more expensive courses and can be completed at your own pace.  I have personally taken several TESOL courses and found this one to be the most time efficient and comprehensive course at a great price!  I highly recommend you take the course if you are considering online ESL teaching.  
After taking the course I reached out to IOA to offer the course to other teachers at the discounted rate of $19!  You will need to use my unique link to get this discounted rate.  This is an affiliate link so I will receive a small commission if you purchase it through my link, however this does NOT impact the price for you!
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