What are the hours at Gogokid?

*Note:  China does not observe daylight savings time!

Available hours:

Teachers are able to open 30 minute slots between 9am-9:30pm BJT (8pm-8:30am EST).  Teachers may open as many or as few classes as they would like each week. Students may book classes up to two weeks in advance.  Teachers can add/remove time slots opened at any time as long as they haven't been booked by students.

Peak hours:

Peak hours are the most popular times for student's to book classes.  At Gogokid the peak time slots are seven days a week from 7-9pm BJT (7, 7:30,8, and 8:30pm slots).  

Busy hours:

In addition to the available and peak time slots, the below hours are considered "busy" and also good times for teachers to open if they are available during those times.  Busy times include; Monday-Friday 6-9:30pm BJT and  Saturday/Sunday 9am-9:30pm BJT during the school year.  When students are on vacation the busy times are considered 9am-9:30pm BJT, seven days a week.

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Are there any minimum of maximum number of time slots?

  • There are no minimum or maximum amount of slots that you need to open.  Your schedule is completely flexible and up to you!  You can work as little or as much as you want each week.


When do parents book classes?

  • Parents can book classes anytime between 24 hours and two weeks out at a time.  Parents are able to begin booking for the following week on Monday at noon, Beijing time.  Parents cannot book under 24 hours or beyond two weeks.


What times can I open?

  • You are able to open up any 30 minute time slots you want from 9am-9:30pm BJT, seven days a week.  


How far in advance can I open?

  • You can open your schedule up to 4 weeks in advance if you would like, however parents are only able to see and book 2 weeks in advance.


Can I change my schedule?

  • You can change your schedule by adding or deleting slots at any point as long as they have not been booked by a student. Once they have been booked you would need to cancel the class (see below).


What if I need to cancel a class that was booked?

  • If you need to cancel a class you are able to do that within your schedule.  You will lose "credit score" points for canceling a class and there may be a monetary deduction.  The closer to class time that you cancel the more points you will lose.  Losing points on your credit score may effect your incentives, but there is no monetary fine or charge at Gogokid for canceling a class.  Emergency situations are handled on a case by case basis by Gogokid.


What times are most popular to be booked?

  • See the above charts to look at the peak and busy time slots.

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