Now to the most important question, how much can I make??


Classes at Gogokid are 25 minutes long.  After you interview you will be offered a "base pay" rate.  This is the amount you will be paid per 25 minute class.  The base pay ranges from $7 to $10 and is based on your qualifications, experience, and performance during the interview demo lesson.  You can multiply the base pay by 2 to see how much you are making per hour (two classes at Gogokid).

But Wait There's More.........


You are able to receive an additional incentive per class based on your credit score.   You can earn more credit score points by teaching classes, getting 5 star parent reviews, or attending workshops.  You will lose points if you need to cancel a class, have teacher IT issues, or do not show up for a scheduled class.  You have the opportunity to earn up to an additional $2.50 per class based on your score. The credit score does not reset each month, it will continue to roll over each month.


So that means you could be making anywhere from $14 to $25 an hour depending on your base pay rate and credit score.  

But Wait There's More.........

In addition to your class pay there are some other ways you can make money at Gogokid! Below are just some of the ways you can earn money:

TRIAL ENROLLMENT BONUS:  Potential students take a free trial class to see what the program is all about (don't worry you still get paid to teach the free trial class!).  If they take their free trial class with you and then decide to sign up for Gogokid, you will get a $5 enrollment bonus for each of those students.

TEACHER REFERRAL BONUS:  Gogokid knows the best way to find quality teachers is through its current teachers, because of that they offer an amazing referral program!  Each teacher is given a unique referral link/code that you can give to potential teachers who may be interested in working at Gogokid.  If you refer a teacher and they get hired by Gogokid, you will get $110 after they successfully teach one class.

MILESTONE BONUS:  Milestone bonuses are given out every three month period.  The more teachers you successfully refer in that three month period the higher your milestone bonus will be!  This is an additional bonus given on top of the $110 per teacher you already receive.


SECONDARY POSITIONS: Gogokid has several secondary positions that established teachers are eligible to apply for in addition to regular teaching.  These include things like Standby Substitute,

Curriculum Editor, Workshop Coach, Teacher Trainer, Brand Ambassador and more.  These positions offer various hours and competitive pay!

VARIOUS CONTESTS AND INCENTIVES: In addition to all of the above ways to make money at Gogokid, you will also find various contests and incentive offers throughout the year.  Below are just some of the recently offered events:

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