How can I get access to your Blueprint for Success E-Course?

I have prepared tons of resources and materials for applicants who choose to use me as their referring teacher.  Once you have followed my link or put in my unique referral code, you will be given a password to access the Blueprint for Success E-Course.  Feel free to email me at and let me know you used me as your referring teacher, so I can send you the current password.  

**Please note:  I cannot give out the password unless you appear on my referral tracker through Gogokid, so it is very important that you double check to make sure MY code is in your application (4GZJ7GKA).

The password is changed on the 1st of each month.  If you have not yet completed the hiring process and your password expires please email me to discuss your plans for completing the hiring process and regaining access to the e-course.

If you have your password and are ready to rock your Interview, click here:

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